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RockMC Campsite!

[Owner] Jediah o posted Jul 30, 16

Hey all, thought I'd do something fun, so I made a camp site! If you wanna have a tent with your name on, just ask a member of staff! Here is a lil screenshot of the fun!

RockMC Campsite

Hey all, I know it's been a while and I've kinda been neglecting the server for a bit, but I've updated it all to MC 1.10.

Now, I have an important question to ask you all. Seeing as the server isn't as popular as it used to be, what would you guys like to see happen to the server? what would you like to see change? Leave your ideas as a comment response! 

ponyfanminecraft add tournaments ill build the areana plz
BunnyAutin New Moves And Combos! And You Could Make Another Server On The Server Like For Example An Adventure Server No Kits No St...
[Helper] Umbrielx H I was thinking that we could introduce official Nation Capitols. E.G. Ba Sing Se, Fire Nation, Water Tribes, Air Temples...

Updates & Fixes

[Owner] Jediah o posted Apr 17, 16

Just a few updates and bug fixes I thought were worth a mention:

  • Bottlebending is now fixed.
  • Being able to bend from snow (i.e. FrostBreath) is now fixed.
  • AvatarState cooldowns now stay over relogs.
  • Fix issues with EarthArmor and PlantArmor.
  • Fix issues with Charged AirSwipe.
  • Fix DeathMessages.

Other news:

  • Prison is going to be ready in some time. Make sure you keep nagging Chose274 and Snaxy to get prison completed and open!
  • BendingWars is lacking in players, no one wants to show it some love?
DerpyRoariffic Jed there one thing can u plz check plantbending we can't waterbend when we use leaves but grass and flowers are go...
Snaxy Me Nick and leon will hopefully finish Prison as soon as possible
DerpyRoariffic Did u fix the other Frostbreath problem where we dont take fall dmg??

Wow guys. You really know how to make my life difficult. I had to get help in picking the winners, because like, daaaaang, there were some really good entries, like, really good. So, here are the 3 winners that I have struggled to pick out.

Herofox x View here

_Oviss x View here

NecKteviL x View here

You guys do not know how hard it was to come to this decision. Everyone who entered did an amazing job. Honorable mentions to everyone who entered. I really wish I could give everyone a prize for it!

Happy Easter!

ItsCRAZAYGaming Nice, too bad I didn't get back into Minecraft when the contest started, I made a magician bunny probably a week be...
Mr_skeleton_DJ *Claps*

Easter Competition!

[Owner] Jediah o posted Mar 21, 16

Update: The competition is now closed, Winners will be announced 27/03/2016 at (Whenever i decide to announce it)

Hey everyone! So I know it's a little bit late, but I have an easter competition for you! Basically, I want you to design a really cool easter egg OR easter bunny, take a picture and send it in! Instead of doing a tier based winners thing, I will give the best 3 designs the chance to pick either:

Multiple Bending, Extra Moves OR Diamond Rank

Competition ends on the 26th March!

Good luck everyone!

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